First Visit

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Your first experience with our office actually begins in your own home.  Once you have reserved time with Dr. Nolan, you can download your medical history and other paperwork from here on the website.  Please bring this paperwork to your scheduled appointment.

First Visit

Try to arrive about 15 minutes early for your first visit so that any other needed paperwork can be completed before your scheduled time with the doctor and clinical team.

A member of our Clinical Team will escort you to a treatment operatory and acquire a complete series of digital x-rays, as well as a set of digital photos that will assist Dr. Nolan in the study and diagnosis of treatment to guide you to complete oral health.  For complex cases, Dr. Nolan may request of the clinical team to make molds of your mouth for further study purposes. 

Together, you and your clinical assistant will thoroughly discuss your medical history, as well as any complaints or concerns that you may have about the overall health of your mouth.  The assistant will then communicate these findings with Dr. Nolan. 

Dr. Nolan will complete an extensive examination of your mouth.  During this examination, she will discuss with you any questions or concerns you have as well as begin formulating a treatment plan to guide you to complete oral health.  During this visit, Dr. Nolan will diagnose what type of preventive hygiene appointment is best to kick-start your treatment.

Our administrative team will then assist you in reserving time with one of our skilled hygienists, as well as appointing a time during the same visit for a complete treatment and financial consultation with Will Nolan, our treatment and financial coordinator.

During the time between your first visit and the time reserved for your dental hygiene and consultation visit, Dr. Nolan and our team will review all information and materials gathered to study and compose a complete treatment plan to achieve optimal dental health.

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